The beauty of wallpaper. 

Ever have that feeling that something is missing from your room but you can’t quite put your finger on it? I recently felt this way about the study nook in my new home. Then I came back to a past love – wallpaper!

I first used wallpaper four years ago in my old home on the back of a TV wall. This was a paintable wallpaper with a texture so was a safe option for my first time. I figured I could just paint over it if I didn’t like it. After trying it out and loving it, I have used it time and time again. I have a fantastic wallpaper installer who has over 35 years experience and he is the only person I would ever get to install it for me (contact me for his details). He is great at matching up the pattern and ensuring a seamless finish. I can definitely say I wouldn’t attempt to install my own wallpaper but if you are game – good luck!

Let’s take a look at my study nook before… 

The study nook is an open area at the top of a staircase.

I chose to add a grey cement look wallpaper to define this area. It was ordered online through Ali Express – a cost efficient way to order wallpaper direct from the overseas wholesaler. There are many wallpaper websites online and some offer samples if you are unsure about ordering a full roll. I required 3 rolls of wallpaper for this space. Wallpaper Direct UK have a great wallpaper calculator on their website.

And here’s my after! 

After adding my furniture back, I can say it was definitely the piece of the puzzle that was missing!

I also chose to use this wallpaper on an inset wall at the end on my hallway, which helps make the artwork pop.

I hope seeing my wallpaper encourages you to try it out!

Kim x

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